Kwanghee, in midst of many congratulations, has returned from the military!

On December 7, Kwanghee announced his return to the society at the military discharge ceremony, taking place at the Seoul National Cemetery. Afterwards, the singer greeted fans, “thank you everyone, who has been waiting for me. Seargeant Hwang Kwang-Hee has now returned to the society.”

He continued, “I didn’t think so many of you would come to my ceremony. Yesterday and the day before, I felt much gratitude and joy while reading the articles about my return. Now that I have returned, I promise to be Kwanghee, who can provide you with much energy with my brightness and positivity.”

When asked what kind of food he craved, he answered that he craved pizza and chicken the most. Moreover, Kwanghee also commented that BLACKPINK was the girl group that gave him the reason to go on with his service, and showed his gratitude by singing “SOLO” by Jennie of BLACKPINK.

When asked about who he missed the most while he was serving in the military, Kwanghee said he missed the members of MBC’s Infinite Challenge the most. He continued, “I was upset that “Infinite Challenge” came to an end while I was in the military. I don’t have much to say regarding the event, though. Director Kim Tae-Ho and other hyung’s called me and broke the news for me. I’m okay now.”

At the end, Kwanghee announced that he will make his return to the industry with MBC’s “Point of Omniscient Interference” with his manager. The singer said, “I’m honestly up for anything. If you need someone in your show, please contact me. I’ll do anything anytime.”

Congratulations, Kwanghee and Welcome Back!

Original Article
Translated by Dasol Kim