[Kpop Live] Watch Girls’ Generation, Wanna One, Weki Meki, and More Perform on M Countdown


M Countdown has a full stage with the 10th anniversary comeback stage of Girls’ Generation and Boyfriend as well as the debut of both Wanna One, Weki Meki, and Gugudan OGUOGU (5959), three groups that came from the popular reality TV program “Produce 101”.

In addition to these exciting stages EXO, JJ Project, GFriend, N.Flying also has great performances. By the end of the show EXO succeeded in securing their 10th win for their hit summer song “Ko Ko Bop”. Congratulations EXO!

What all the debut and comeback performances below.

Girls’ Generation – “Holiday”

Girls’ Generation – “All Night”

Boyfriend – “Star”

Wanna One – “Energetic”

Wanna One – “Burn It Up”

Weki Meki – ” I Don’t Like Your Girlfriend”

Weki Meki – “Stay With Me”

Gugudan OGUOGU – “Ice Chu”


By O.C