Fashion magazine Cosmopolitan released actor Kim Yoo-jung’s New York Photo Shoot.

In the photos, Kim Yoo-jung seems to be standing on the boundary between being a young girl and an elegant woman. During the interview, the interviewer asked her about her work choice process, considering her filmography is strong for her age.

“I used to decide to work on a film or drama after discussing with my mom. We still discuss, but now it’s usually me that makes a final decision. Sometimes, I read a script, and it is so interesting I can’t stop reading. I think that’s what I always try to find.”

“Although I am detail-oriented when I work, but I think I’m not that interested in beauty since I’m young. My mom even scolds me for that. I am so lazy when it comes to decorating myself. When I get a scar on my face, I just leave it so it naturally heals.”

Kim also talked about how she will spend the last few months of her teenage life.

“I only have two months of high school left, and I want to wrap up well. Also, if I have time, I want to get my driver’s license. I am planning to experience things that only teenagers can do.”

Kim Yoo-jung’s photo shoot, beauty tips, and videos are available on Cosmopolitan’s October edition and online at


Original article
by Lee So-dam

Translated by Audrey Joung