Gugudan’s Kim Se-Jeong confirmed to join on a project to explore Mars!

On May 10, Jellyfish Entertainment reported that “Kim Se-Jeong is appearing on the upcoming tvN variety show ‘Galileo: Awakened Universe’ (literal translation).”

‘Galileo: Awakened Universe’ is a sci-fi program that intends to explore around Mars. Recently, many sci-fi movies, such as ‘Martian,’ and ‘Interstellar’ have been catching people’s attention, and tvN decided to go deeper into the idea of life on Mars.


The program will take place at the Mars Desert Research Station, known as MDRS, in Utah. Because MDRS has a sole purpose of experiments and only allows qualified scientists to enter the facility, it took many months for the staff of ‘Galileo: Awakened Universe’ to convince the facility to let them shoot the program.

Meanwhile, Kim Byung-Man has also confirmed to appear in the program. This will be the third time he appears in a variety show with Kim Se-Jeong, after they appeared together in ‘Boat Horn Clenched Fists’ and ‘Law of the Jungle.’

Furthermore, Lee Young-Joon PD is the lead director of the program. He recently transferred to tvN from SBS, and directed ‘Boat Horn Clenched Fists’ and ‘Law of the Jungle’. He said, “while NASA researches how to send people to Mars, we research the possibility of human existence on Mars.”

The program will start shooting in June, and the program will premiere in July.

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Translated by Dasol Kim