Kim Sang-Gyun and Kenta share what is was like to act for the first time in the upcoming drama “Oh, Hear the Wind Sing.”

On August 10, former JBJ members Kim Sang-Gyun and Kenta participated in a press conference for the upcoming SBS drama “Oh, Hear the Wind Sing” in which they starred as main actors. During the press conference, the two rookie actors shared about their first experience acting in a legit drama.

First, the two shared how relieved they were to be together for their first time acting in a drama. Kenta said, “Kim Sang-Gyun helped me with my Korean a lot. While I still lacked so much since it’s my first time acting, I still did the best I could.” In response, Kim Sang-Gyun said, “I know I’m not perfect, but I tried my best to not be a disturbance to others.”

Moreover, Kim shared about having to learn instruments because of their roles as band mates. He said, “while I was practicing keyboard, I could not tell if I were practicing to become a keyboardist or an actor. However, when I saw myself acting to play keyboard later, I realized I’ve done well with the practice.”

Finally, the two did not forget to mention the encouragement they received from former JBJ members. Kenta said, “when it was revealed that I have been casted in the drama, Dong-Han and Tae-Hyun contacted me. They said they were looking forward to it. It sounded like they were half-joking and half-serious.”

Kim Sang-Gyun added, “while JBJ has disbanded, we still keep in contact with all members. Recently, Dong-Han debuted as a soloist, and I appeared as a surprise guest at his fan meeting in Thailand. They are doing very well.”

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Translated by Dasol Kim