Actor Kim Jung-Hyun has found himself in midst of controversy after attending the press conference for upcoming MBC drama “Time.”

On July 20, a press conference for the upcoming MBC drama “Time” took place at the MBC Golden Mouse Hall. Attending the conference was the drama’s lead actor Kim Jung-Hyun, alongside his co-starts Seohyun, Kim Jun-Han, and Hwang Seung-Eon. Throughout the event, Kim Jung-Hyun maintained emotionless attitude, ultimately leading to much criticism from the public.

From the beginning to the end, including a photo time with his co-star Seohyun, Kim Jung-Hyun remained expressionless. In addition, he maintained his distance with all of his co-stars, drawing much curiosity from the press.

During the interview, majority of the press asked Kim Jung-Hyun if there was something wrong with him. One specifically asked the actor if there is a special reason to his rather cold behavior, to which Kim responded that he is trying to stay in his character.

The actor explained, “I’m trying to live my life as my character in the drama. Every moment in my life, whether I’m filming or not, I try to resist “Kim Jung-Hyun” from coming out and dictating or making choices.”

He continued, “I usually stay very close to my character at all times and while I do not know what result it will hold, I still put all my energy into living my life as my character. It’s not because something happened to me that I appear emotionless. Instead, the emotions and feelings my character feels have influenced the way I’m living my life currently.”

At the end, Kim even apologized in tears, “the character has taken over the majority of my life. I always think about what it is like to be completely immersed in my character.”

Following the press conference, Kim’s agency also stepped into explain the actor’s behaviors.

The agency said, “since his character in the drama is facing the inevitable death, the actor spends a lot of time about how to best express the feelings. As a result, the actor is currently very exhausted, leading to an unfortunate mistake today. The actor himself is very stunned from today’s event and feeling sorry for his co-stars and staff from the drama.”

Despite the explanation from both actor and agency, criticisms did not diminish. Many argued that a press conference is like leaving a first impression of someone, introducing a drama to the public for the first time. Thus, Kim’s emotionless behavior did not suit the purpose of the event.

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Translated by Dasol Kim