Kim Jong-Min says he’s different in real life than how he appears on TV and worries that Hwang Mina would not accept the real him.

On November 1 broadcast of TV Chosun’s “Taste of Dating,” couple Kim Jong-Min and Hwang Mina encountered a problem. Hwang gathered up the courage to become closer to Kim Jong-Min, both physically and emotionally, but she was constantly let down by the iron fence of Kim.

Ultimately, Hwang Mina bursted into tears. She knows that Kim truly cares for her by the way he addresses her and talks to her, but she wasn’t sure about his actions. At last, Hwang decided to speak her mind directly and honestly at Kim Jong-Min, “you always keep your distance from me. I feel like you always stop midway.”

When Hwang Mina expressed her disappointment,  Kim Jong-Min’s bandmate Shinji showed support for Hwang. Shinji said, “whenever we get on the stage, the person to always hold my hands is Bbaek Ga. Jong-Min has never held my hands. He’s not very used to having physical contact with others.”

In response, Kim Jong-Min revealed, “I’m just being careful. When I get to a certain line, I can’t help but to be careful.”

He then shared about his ongoing concerns that resulted from the made up image of him in various variety shows, such as KBS “One Night Two Days” and others. He continued, “I think I’m very different in real life than how I appear on TV. That’s what I’m afraid of the most. I don’t know if you would be able to accept me at my worst.”

To this, Hwang Mina expressed her support. She said, “I don’t want you to put me as the priority. Just be yourself. I’m curious about the real you, not the made-up image of you from TV. Have you ever shown yourself that you’ve never showed to others before? I want you to think of me differently than others.”

Image Source – TV Chosun

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Translated by Dasol Kim