Kim Jae-wook has decided to take a role on the upcoming OCN drama “Hand: The Guest.”

Kim Jae-wook
Image source – OSEN News

On May 23, actor Kim Jae-wook announced that he would be staring in OCN’s upcoming supernatural drama “Hand: The Guest.”

According to reports, the new drama will be about a psychic, Catholic priest and a detective who join forces to discover the mysterious force behind a series of crimes. Moreover, the show’s producers hope to connect the concepts of shamanism, exorcism, and mystery to create an exciting experience for viewers.

In the drama, Kim will play the role of Choi Yoon, a sour and cold priest who specializes in exorcisms. With this role, Kim is expanding his acting spectrum with this dark role. Previously, the actor has taken on lighter and romantic characters such as Park Jung-woo in the drama “Temperature of Love” and “Coffee Prince.”

As such, expectations are on the rise to see how he will portray his character. Further, many fans are interested in his reunion between director Kim Hong-sun. Both director and actor worked together on the 2017 OCN drama “Voice.”

Meanwhile, the actor was unknowingly involved in a dating rumor with Lee El.



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