Infinite’s Sung-Kyu pairs up with actors Kang Han-nuel and Ji Chang-wook for a military musical production.

Image source – OSEN News

On July 3, reports emerged that Infinite’s Kim Sung-kyu has recently announced his appearance in the musical “Emerging Military School” (literal translation). The plot of the story takes place in Manchuria in 1910 during the Japanese colonial period. There, independence fighters work together to build a school. The army produced the show and had reportedly been holding auditions publically among recruits.

Unsurprisingly, actors Kang Ha-neul and Ji Chang-wook, who are both currently enlisted, decided to take part in the production early one. Further, the actors for the play will gather and hold practice somewhere in Seoul starting early next month.

Kim, who debuted as a member of boy group Infinite in 2010, joined the military in May. Since then, he has earned recognition for his experience and skills as a musical actor with his roles in “Gwanghamun Sonata,” “Dracula,” and more. With this recent announcement, many are paying attention to see the final product between the three actors. Both Kang and Ji are proficient actors who have taken leading roles in both musicals and mainstream dramas.

Meanwhile, a total of 19 performances are scheduled at National Museum of Korea in September.



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