His severe symptom made it difficult for him to complete his scheduled activities.

Image source: OSEN News

On the morning December 6 Kang Daniel, a member of idol group Wanna One, was admitted to the hospital for treatment of a severe fever and fatigue.

YMC Entertainment confirmed Daniel went to the hospital due to his conditions. An official said, “Daniel has been suffering from a cold for quite some time.” They continued, “Right now, we considering whether he will attend today’s scheduled event. Since it is an event where member will meet fans, Kang Daniel himself wants to go. However, at this time his health and stability are the priority. So we will monitor the situation and make the best of it.”

According to multiple witnesses, Daniel had trouble moving and speaking while on set for a scheduled activity. Furthermore, the fever also caused bodily aches and dizziness.

The hospital has discharged Daniel, but he will still be receiving treatment until his condition improves. Currently, YMC Entertainment has canceled Daniel’s schedule for the time being. They do expect him to be able to return to his regular schedule in the future.


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