JYP Entertainment Releases Statement Regarding GOT7 Blacklist

JYP Entertainment plans to take legal action against fans who disregard rules established in Blacklist, but fans doubt they will


JYP Entertainment released a statement on GOT7’s Fans, a portal for the groups fans, regarding the group’s blacklist.

The post is a follow-up to an intensified blacklist  that the company released in January that threatens legal action against fans who violated the privacy of or endangered GOT7 and disturbed other patrons at the airport when the group is traveling. This included recording or taking pictures of the boy group in close proximity, jaywalking or running red lights, and following the group in person or in a vehicle, recording the artists’ personal belongings or recording their voices.

JYP Entertainment admits that even with the intensified warnings that such actions have continued unabated. As a result, they will be pursuing “strong legal action according to Criminal Law and Punishment of Minor Offenses Act” and will monitor any blacklisted actions taken by fans by “consistently check the postings, images and videos for illegal activities”.

However, many fans doubt that legal action will actually be taken by the entertainment company. Fans point out that the company has failed to take legal action since the original blacklist was published in 2015. As such they reason that over-zealous fans who invade the personal space and privacy of GOT7 have no real reason to take the statements from the company seriously.

According to the new blacklist post by JYP Entertainment the only assured change that will be seen are additional security personell when the GOT7 is at the airport.

What do you think of the new post? Will JYP Entertainment finally take legal action or our fans’ sentiments right?

By O.C