Group CNBLUE’s member Jung Yong-hwa is reportedly involved in the ‘Kyunghee University grad school controversy’. His agency and himself have written letters of apology.

On January 17th, Jung Yong-hwa uploaded a hand-written letter of apology. “First of all, I am truly sorry. Whatever the reason is or the truth is, I know it is all my fault and I am deeply reflecting on my wrong behavior. I will accept whatever you say about me”, Jung wrote.

He continued and wrote, “I am so sorry especially to my family, CNBLUE members, and my fans. I’m sorry to disappoint you.”

Earlier that day, Jung Yong-hwa’s agency FNC Entertainment made an official announcement. FNC said, “Celebrities like idol stars are so busy fulfilling schedules, so their agencies are the ones determining schedules and other activities. In terms of Jung Yong-hwa’s case, without exception, we handled all the works related his application to the school.”

“Both FNC Entertainment and Jung Yong-hwa thought he got admitted to the school after going through the formal process. Jung only did everything his agency told him to do.”


Meanwhile, Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency has announced that they are currently investigation on the case and they cannot give out any more information yet.


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Translated by Audrey Joung