Apink’s member Jung Eun-ji has released the teaser for her upcoming solo album’s fourth track produced by popular indie artist Sunwoo Jung-A.

Plan A Entertainme

On October 8, Jung Eun-ji’s agency Plan A Entertainment released the fourth teaser for the artist’s third solo mini album, “Hyehwa.”

The 16-second-long teaser hints the mood of the song, which resembles that of the co-producer of the song, Sunwoo Jung-A.

The track raises fans’ expectations for the upcoming album, thanks to the collaboration with the popular indie artist, Sunwoo Jung-A. To the song written by Sunwoo Jung-A, Jung Eun-ji wrote the lyrics which tell the wish to fly out of the box.

Jung Eun-ji’s third solo album, “Hyehwa,” roughly means “starry flowers.” Comparing the youths to blooming flowers, the artist cheers young people through her music.

Jung Eun-ji’s third mini album will be released on October 17 at 6 PM KST. The artist will also hold solo concerts in Seoul, Daegu, and Busan.


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