Jung Chan-Woo from Cultwo Show decides to put a pause on all activities due to health issues. His agency says he is suffering from panic disorder and cannot put off treatment anymore.

Jung Chan-Woo has completed his last (for now) filming for KBS 2TV’s ‘Hello, Counselor’ on April 15. In addition, he will be temporarily stepping down from SBS Power FM’s ‘Cultwo Show,’ SBS’s ‘Einstein’ and others. Kim Tae-Gyun, who has been leading ‘Cultwo Show’ with Jung Chan-Woo, will continue to host the program by himself.

Jung’s agency said, “Jung Chan-Woo is in desperate need of treatment for panic disorder. Therefore, we have decided to put a stop to all activities and focus on treatment. We cannot give an exact answer to his return. However, we have decided it wasn’t professional for him to hide his own pain while giving joy to the audience. It would be lying to the audience.”

A close friend of Jung Chan-Woo said, “I did not know how serious it was. He never showed that he was in pain. I feel sorry and ashamed. I hope he receives the treatment he needs and go back to his old-self.” Despite the happy face he always carried, Jung Chan-Woo was suffering from the inside. On top of diabetes and tinnitus symptoms, he was also suffering from panic disorder and bipolar disorder.

A source said, “panic disorder can lead to social phobia or depression. It needs to be treated in the early stages before it affects everyday life or social life.” If you keep it to yourself, it will only worsen. Furthermore, “being psychologically unstable is the main reason for panic disorder. Jung Chan-Woo needs a stability in his mind in order to get better.”

On April 16 broadcast of ‘Cultwo Show,’ Kim Tae-Gyun said, “it’s a sunny day today. Some people will cry, some people will laugh. Everyone is living a different life. As you would probably know, Jung Chan-Woo has decided to temporarily stop his activities. However, ‘Cultwo Show’ will continue. Just like I’ve promised, I will put my best effort into hosting this show.”

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Translated by Dasol Kim