Girl group DIA’s member Jung Chae-yeon is taking the lead role in KBS’ new drama, “to. Jenny.”

MBK Entertainment

On June 12, Jung Chae-yeon’s agency MBK Entertainment announced that the artist has been cast for the female lead in the drama “to. Jenny.”

“to. Jenny” is a music drama, which narrates a romantic plot about first love with indie songs. The K-pop star is to take the female lead, who endeavors for her dream despite of unfortunate environments.

“It will be a meaningful experience, especially because it’s my first lead role,” said Jung Chae-yeon. “I felt burdened because it’s a music drama, but I will take it as a challenge and do my best. I really appreciate producers and staffs of ‘to. Jenny’ for giving me the opportunity.”

For the male lead, Kim Sung-chul of “Prison Playbook” is chosen. The drama will premiere through KBS on July 10.


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