Both Jun Hyun-Moo and Han Hye-Jin say “Not Yet” to marriage!

On October 17, Jun Hyun-Moo and Han Hye-Jin got swept up in a rumor that stated the couple was getting ready for their wedding in April. In response, both parties denied the rumors, saying they are not at the stage to discuss marriage, yet.

The rumor started with an online post that explained in detail the wedding plans of the MBC’s “I Live Alone” couple. The post stated that the couple is planning for a wedding in April, and a woman who was assumed to be a mother of Jun Hyun-Moo made a reservation at a famous hotel in Seoul, presumably for the wedding.

Soon afterwards, Jun’s agency SM C&C responded, “the rumors about Jun Hyun-Moo and Han Hye-Jin’s marriage circulating around the web are not true. The couple explicitly said they do not have a plan for marriage yet.”

Moreover, a representative of Han Hye-Jin also said, “after checking the facts with Han Hye-Jin, we have confirmed that even though they are happy in their relationship, they are not at the stage to discuss marriage.”

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Translated by Dasol Kim