The quirky show is getting a few more episodes to wrap everything up.

Welcome to Waikiki
Image source – JTBC

On March 6, JTBC announced that they have decided to extend weekday drama “Welcome to Waikiki” by four episodes. As a result, the show, which was initially 16 episodes, now has 20 episodes and will end April 17.

Furthermore, the four extra episodes are part show development and part commentary. More, the special commentary will air over the course of two days on March 12 and 13. More, through the commentary episodes, will include behind the scene footage and the actors’ explication of the show.

“Welcome to Waikiki” is a clever story that follows three men who wind up at Waikiki, a guesthouse in Itaewon, South Korea. There, the three get involved with a unique situation with bankruptcy, a mystery baby, and a single mother.

Meanwhile, the show airs every Monday and Tuesday at 11 PM.



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