JTBC show ‘Non Summit’ has marked an end to its first season; the show will come back after taking a short break.

The first season of ‘Non Summit’ has officially ended after 3 years and 5 months of airing. The show will go into a short reorganization period.

On the most recent episode of the show, an ocean adventurer Captain Kim Seung-jin appeared as a guest. Kim has succeeded in traveling around the world only with a yacht.

Kim, who is a former documentary producer, talked about a variety of episodes he has experienced. In addition, the show’s members were busy showing off the best ocean in each of their countries. Canada’s representative Guillaume said, “In Newfoundland, Canada, there is an ocean where you can see a huge iceberg running through the ocean.”

With the episode as the season’s finale, ‘Non Summit’ will take a short break.


Original article
by Hong Ji-ye

Translated by Audrey Joung