There is a reason why people call Lee Kyung-kyu as ‘God Kyung-kyu’.

According to Nielsen Korea, JTBC Knowing Bros‘s episode that aired on the 1st reached a 5.609% viewing rate, which is the program’s highest.

The episode’s viewing rate is 1.166% higher than last episode’s rate (4.435%), and it is also higher than the episode with actress Kim Hee-sun (5.333%), which aired on March 11th.

On the 1st’ episode, Lee Kyung-kyu appeared as the guest and surprised many people. Following the program’s rules, the members talked down to Lee Kyung-kyu, who is older than any of the members. Members also embarrassed Lee Kyung-kyu in a variety of ways, which gave viewers big laughter.


Original article
by Park Jin-young

Translated by Audrey Joung