Fans of the late Jonghyun trended a hashtag on Twitter to honor the singer.

Image source – SM Entertainment, Twitter

After a short delay, SM Entertainment released Jonghyun’s final solo album, Poet | Artist. Jonghyun last solo album has 11 tracks and was released digitally on Jan. 23, and physically on Jan. 24. As previously stated by the SM Entertainment, proceeds from the album will be given to his mother and will be used to develop a foundation for those who are experiencing difficulties.

Shinin’,” the title track of the album, has a bright and colorful song with a light EDM infused melody. More, the chorus of the song where Jonghyun repeats the line “always with you” meaningfully contrasts with the reality of the situation — that Jonghyun is gone. However, while many fans continue to mourn his passing, they also took the opportunity to honor the singer.

Shortly after the release of the song Jonghyun’s fans trended the hashtag “종현_빛이_나” on Twitter. The hashtag, which translates to “Jonghyun_Shinin’,” was tweeted over 35,000 times from Jan. 22 to Jan. 23, as a way to celebrate the release of the new album and remember the singer.


The day after the “Shinin'” was released, SM Entertainment released another music video for the song “Before Our Spring” from the album. In contrast to the directed aesthetic of the title track, the video for “Before Our Spring” is a Jonghyun montage. There are clips of him performing, modeling, laughing, and is honestly a beautiful and emotional tribute to the singer.

Have you watched the “Shinin'” and “Before Our Spring” music videos yet?


By O.C