Jo In-sung’s agency IOK Company said that it is not the actor asking for money and warns fans to be extra vigilant.

Image source – OSEN News database

“Recently, there have been a few cases in which unknown people are impersonating actor Jo In-sung and other actors and actresses online asking people for money,” said IOK Company in a social media post on Friday. “IOK Company officials and actors do not, under any circumstance, demand money from fans. Please pay special attention to this,” stated the company.

According to the agency, people have been attempting to scam fans by pretending to be the famous actor. In addition to Jo, actor Ji Jin-hee, Jung Woo-sung, and singer f(x) Luna have all warned their fans about possible impersonators. Last year, TWICE member Ji-hyo came forward about a scammer who hacked her email and pretended to be the singer to get money from her family.

In regards to Jo, his company may have to seek legal action because there have been actual cases of damage — possibly meaning that an impersonator succeeded in scamming someone.

Meanwhile, Jo left with a notable Buddhist monk and writer to volunteer in Bangladesh last month.




By O.C