Final ruling of the Supreme Court states Jo Deok-Jae is guilty of sexual molestation, but the actor continues to prove his innocence.

Jo Deok-Jae, who was accused of sexually molesting an actress while filming a movie together in April, 2015, received the final ruling from the Supreme Court. While the actor denied the allegations until the end, the court rules guilty on his charges.

In April, 2015, an actress accused Jo Deok-Jae of sexually assaulting her while filming a movie. According to the victim’s statement, Jo had put his hands down her pants, ripped her undergarments, and touched her body without consent. While the court ruled him innocent in the first trial in December, 2016, they flip-flopped their decision during the second trial in October, 2017. As a result, he received one year prison sentence, with a two-year probation period and 40 hours of a treatment program for sexual offenders.

Not being able to accept the final decision, Jo Deok-Jae took to Facebook and released the on-set footage of himself and the actress who claims sexual molestation. In the comments, the actor says, “so is this Jo Deok-Jae, a sex maniac who apparently harassed a cousin of a former United Nations’ Secretary-General, Ban Ki-Moon, while on set?”

Image Source – Jo Deok-Jae’s Facebook
He continued, “the actress claims that I was determined to sexually molest her while filming a movie.

“Her words are as followed: “Jo Deok-Jae was determined to sexually harass me, and he even punched my shoulder. I hurt so much I fell to the ground immediately. Afterwards, he wasn’t acting, he was abusing me.” What do you guys think? Was I acting or sexually abusing her like she says I was? You guys be the judge,” said Jo.

At last, Jo added, “even though the court rules that I’m guilty, I cannot accept as an actor. I’m very aware of how dangerous this is, but I had to release this footage.”

Regarding the released footage, the public’s opinion splits in half. While one party argues the actor’s passion for acting had caused a misunderstanding, the other argues to respect the statement from the victim’s point of view.

Meanwhile, Ban Min-Jung, who claims to be the victim in the case finally revealed her identity to the public after the final decision of the Supreme Court.

For the first time in 4 years, the actress appeared in front of the camera and shared her feelings as the case finally dismissed. The actress said, “sexual molestation in disguise of acting has to disappear. If an act of art can destroy the rules of this society just because it’s just another form of expression, that art should not exist. What Jo Deok-Jae did was sexual molestation, not acting.”

At the end, she expressed her support for other victims of sexual assault. Ban said, “I will show my support for other victims of sexual assault by revealing my identity and continuing to stand strong through the rest of my fight. Sexual assault in the name of acting has to disappear.”

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Translated by Dasol Kim