KBS is slowly securing an all-star cast for its blockbuster drama “Prometheus” with Jin Goo taking a lead role.

Prometheus Jin Goo
Image source – OSEN News

Actor Jin Goo along with actress Ha Jin-won will lead KBS’ new action drama “Prometheus,” as intelligence officers. In a previous report, Along With the Gods actor, Ju Ji-hoon was said to have gotten a lead role as Park Hoon. As of now, this is no longer the case.

On July 13, a KBS representative said that “Jin Goo has been cast as Park Hoon, a North Korean defector in Moscow, Russia, who was swept away by the vortex of fate.” Likewise, Ha Jin-won is expected to take on the heroine role of the story as NIS agent Chae Eun-seo.

Further, according to KBS, the drama’s plot pulls heavily from current international events. In particular, North Korea’s denuclearization along with the recent inter-Korean and American-Korean summits. However, rather than a top-down view of the situation, “Prometheus” plans to present an intimated look at interactions that happen behind the scenes an on the ground.

In the show, several top North Korean nuclear scientist go missing in another country. As expected, several different countries would from locating the missing scientists first — including South Korea. As a result, the South Korean government sends out Chae Eun-Seo and Park Hoon to secure the missing North Koreans by any means necessary. However, things take a turn when a mysterious girl Song Chae-yool enters the picture.

On another note, Maze Runner actor Lee Ki-Hong is currently considering a supporting role. KBS plans to air the 30 million won budget drama later this year.



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