Actor Ji Chang-wook promised not to cry when he enters the army.

On the 25th, Ji Chang-wook appeared on SBS ‘Hanbam’ and had an interview. The interview was to celebrate his 10th year anniversary since debut.

To the question whether he likes acting for action or romance, Ji Chang-wook said, “I like romance a little more. Isn’t love just so great? I think I imagine a lot. Like I imagine that I want to be the character when I have a girlfriend in real life. I really watch my acting like I’m just a viewer, not an actor.”

About his real personality, Ji said, “I think I am very playful and cute. I think I was born to be cute haha.”

Ji Chang-wook also talked about army. “Before I enter the army, I think I need to travel with my mother, spend time with my friends, manage my back accounts, and also I’m renting my current house so I have to take care of that … I am not going to cry when I enter the army. I just think it’s not manly enough.”


Original article
by Ji Min-kyung

Translated by Audrey Joung