K-pop girl group Brown Eyed Girls’ member JeA revealed that she spent about $30,000 to lose weight during six weeks of an intense diet.

SBS ‘Bang Unnie’ YouTube

On May 10, rapper Cheetah and Brown Eyed Girls’ member JeA talked about “Body Corset” issue in their mobile show “Ssen My Way.”

In the show, in which the two hosts give realistic advice to various real-life issues, they brought up a story about a 26-year-old woman who wants to stay fit.

“I save time to work out even after working overtime and try to cut calories,” said the writer. “But I feel so frustrated whenever I see a picture of me taken by somebody else.”

“However hard I try I can’t find myself looking as fit as models or celebrities,” continued she. “I feel down on my way to work in the morning and I can’t lose any more weight,” she wrote, asking what she could do to make a celebrity body.

JeA, who shook her head to the story, asked how much she weighs. When she found out that the writer weighs 58 kg with 166 cm of height, JeA says, “she’s totally slim.”

“It’s impossible to go to a gym as an office worker,” said Cheetah. “But it’s so great that she’s saving time to work out at all.”

SBS ‘Bang Unnie’ YouTube

“As a celebrity,” JeA added, “we can be on an intense diet because it is followed by some sorts of rewards.”

She continued to share her story when she gained weight. “I spent about 20 to 30 million KRW (to lose weight). I didn’t meet anyone for a month and a half.”

“It costs so much money and time and you can’s spend all that energy while you’re working,” JeA said, emphasizing that the writer is not lazy at all for being unable to lose weight further, as she worries.

“I think it’s not the writer who needs to lose weight,” Cheetah concluded. “It is the people who need to lose unrealistic ideals.”


By Heewon Kim