Jay Park dines and drinks with some of the biggest names in music.

Image source – via Twitter @jparkitrighthere

On January 27 AOMG CEO and Rapper Jay Park (real name Jaebum Park), posted photos of a Roc Nation event in New York. Roc Nation is an American entertainment company founded by rapper Jay-Z (real name Shawn Carter) in 2008. More, the company manages some of the biggest names in hip-hop and music. These artists include Rihanna, Jay-Z, J.Cole, Shakira, DJ Khaled, and most recently Jay Park.

Artists from the entertainment industry gathered in New York for a pre-grammy brunch. With so many big names around Jay Park took the opportunity to document the event through his Instagram. In one photo he is seen alongside singer Beyonce captioned with one word: “Queen!.”

Further, in a second photo, he posed with the CEO of Roc Nation himself Jay Park. Regarding the picture, Jay wrote, “The most swagged out man I’ve ever seen in my life.”

In addition to the Beyonce and Jay-Z, Jay Park also took selfies with Yo Gotti, Swizz Beats, Big Sean, Diddy, Remy Ma, Fat Joe, and Jayden Smith.


By O.C

Pictures: via Instagram @jparkitrighthere