Jang Moon-bok showed his overflowing confidence as a beauty icon on an episode of ‘Get It Beauty’.

On the August 9th episode of ‘Get it Beauty’, Jang Moon-bok appeared as a guest and brought laughter in the studio by sharing his knowledge on beauty topics.

Jang Moon-bok, Kwon Hyun-bin, Lee Eui-Woong, Ahn Hyung-Sup and the other former contestants of ‘Produce 101 Season 2’ appeared on the show.

Known for his luscious long hair, Jang Moon-bok revealed his hair care routine. “I usually sleep a lot, but I’ve been using that time to take care of my hair instead,” he shared. “I use treatment everyday. That’s the secret behind my hair. It’s also hereditary.”

He also raised his hand when asked which member had confidence in beauty-related topics. “I didn’t know what to prepare so I brought everything with me. Please look forward to it,” he said confidently.


Original article
by Jang Jin-ri

Translated by Janet Kang