Jang Hyun-seung has written a late apology for his insincere attitude while he was in the former group BEAST.

On 31st, Jang Hyeun Seung wrote on Instagram: “For the past 7 years until I dropped out of BEAST, I had received too much love from you. When I was young, I simply thought singers who sing and dance on TV were glamorous and cool. Therefore, I practiced for 5 years with big dreams and was lucky to be able to debut with BEAST members.”

He continued, “However, rather than understanding group activities and teamwork, I was so stubborn that I only focused on myself, so I gave hard times to people around me including other members. As a result, the wall between me and other members was built so high, and I chose being far away from them instead of trying more to create harmony.”


Original article
by Park So-young

Translated by Audrey Joung