Other than taking gorgeous photographs, the two actors talk about their new roles on the Korean remake of U.S. show “Suits.”

Image source – High Cut Korea

For the High Cut issue to be released on April 19, actors Jang Dong-gun and Park Hyung-sik show off their sculpted visual features. Further, there is a slight sense of playfulness that simmers under their cold and silent appearances in a few pictures.

Besides their visual prowess, the two also talk about their performance in the KBS’s upcoming legal drama “Suits.” In the new show, Jang plays the role of Choi Gang-seok, a lawyer who has both brains and looks. Likewise, Park acts as a rookie lawyer with an extraordinary memory hired by Gang-seok.

However, for Jang his character in “Suits” is more than just a role, but also an accomplishment. Previously, Jang has acted as an architect with a sharp tongue in the romanitc-comedy drama “Gentleman’s Dignity.” Conversely, in the film Seven Years of Night, he is a determined father who will go to any length to avenge his murdered daughter. With this role, Jang expands his acting repertoire. He explained that he always wants to show different sides of himself.

For Park, he describes acting with Jang as a good learning experience. He explains that “(Jang Dong-gun) received me so well that I can act comfortably.” He also commented on the relationship between the two main characters saying that he had “never seen a ‘bromance'” like the one in suits. Rather than something overwrought, Park felt that is was realistic and accurately portrayed a strang yet essential friendship between men.

Meanwhile, the KBS drama “Suits” premieres on April 25 and will air twice a week on Wednesdays and Thursdays.



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