A representative of singer IU reaffirms that her agency continues to monitor and respond malicious comments.

IU Fave entertainment
Image source – OSEN News

On April 21, fans were alerted to an official announcement post on IU’s official fan club page. Further, this announcement titled, “Guide on Malicious Slander, Defamation Postings, and Malicious replies,” reaffirmed that the singer’s agency, Fave Entertainment continues to combat such content.

In the post, Fave Entertainment wrote that they are conducting “strong monitoring” and “legal response” to those who have engaged in slandering IU. Additionally, the agency requested that fans continue to report on such posting to them. More, they reassured fans that they “are checking all of the emails and materials you’ve given us.”

In particular, IU is noted as being an artist that received a lot of positive and negative attention. Much of the negative comments and rumors surround the singer have been considered harassment, hearsay, uncalled for, and malicious. As such, since 2016 she and her agency have actively taken strong legal action against those who spread or are involved with such activities.

Meanwhile, IU is currently filming for the drama “My Ahjussi.”



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