With the dawn of the Year of the Earth Dog, many anticipate GOT7 Jinyoung to grow as a star in music, acting, and entertainment.

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GOT7 Jinyoung had an auspicious and busy 2017 marked career advanced in music, acting, and entertainment for the young star. However, it is predicted that in this new Year of the Dog that his fame and relevance will grow even more.

Jinyoung first debuted as part of the funky and rebellious duo JJ Project with Im Jaebum, better known as JB, back in 2012. Two years later JJ Project would re-debut in the seven-member boy group GOT7. In the six years since his debut, Jinyoung has made steady advances as a musician.

The early 2017 release of GOT7’s mini album FLIGHT LOG: ARRIVAL sold over 300,000 albums and marked the fourth album that featured a song co-written, produced, and composed by Jinyoung. Jinyoung’s songs have also featured in the repackaged MAD album, and FLIGHT LOG: Departure and Turbulence albums as well. “Paradise,” a high-tempo song that easily matches the sound of title track “Never Ever,” is a fan favorite that displays creative melodies and use of GOT7’s vocal and rap abilities.

In July of the same year, JJ Project made their much-anticipated return to the music world after taking a five-year break to focus on GOT7’s activities. More, the duo’s album, Verse 2, had a strikingly different sound from GOT7 with an alt-rock sound title track and highly poetic teasers. Further, with the full creative involvement of both JB and Jinyoung, Verse 2, reach the fifth spot in Billboard’s top 20 K-pop albums of 2017. GOT7’s second mini-album of 2017 titled 7 for 7 established the signature sound of the boy group. “Firework,” Jinyoung’s contribution to the album has been praised by fans as embodying the meaning of the record and the growth of the group.

Acting and Entertainment

In addition to music, Jinyoung has also established himself as a dedicated actor. His early works include “Dream High 2” in 2013, and “When A Man Loves” in 2013, both of which he acted alongside JB. However, it wasn’t until 2015 that the singer and actor began to actively seek a more challenging role as Eun-dong in JTBC’s “My Love Eun-dong.” The next year Jinyoung received accolades for his role in the fantasy drama “The Legend of the Blue Sea” as Lee Min-ho’s younger counterpart. Moreover, he also made his big-screen debut in the feature-length film “Snow Flurries.”

Currently, Jinyoung is an active MC for the weekly music show “Inkigayo.” Furthermore, with his recent appearance on the variety show “Master Key,” he has built an image of an “all-around” capable, talented, and skilled idol. While Jinyoung has had great accomplishments, this may only be the beginning. With the Year of the Dog dawning in 2018, idols born in past year’s of the Dog will apparently have even more luck and success.

Meanwhile, GOT7 is preparing for their 4th-anniversary fan meeting. The fan meeting will be at Kyung-hee University from February 3-4.

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