For the first time since debuting with Infinite almost ten years ago, member Jang Doo-woo has released his first solo album.

Image source – Woollim Entertainment

At 6 p.m. on Monday, singer Jang Dong-woo carved out a new path as a solo artist with the release of his first stand-alone album outside of Infinite. Having debuted with the group in 2010, the move comes almost a decade afterward, highlighting the significance of the milestone. Moreover, it will be his last release before he enlists in the army.

The album ByeΒ is an acronym for “Beside You Every Moment,” a message obviously mean for his fans who will have to endure his two-year military hiatus. There are seven songs on the record headed by the title track “News.” It is a song that has a slow tempo with a dreamy and sophisticated vibe. It is a song that has a sexy and beautiful undercurrent that is appealing.

Image source – Ilgan Sports

According to the singer, it was a song he started writing as soon as he found out of his enlistment date. “It is a song about feelings left over after one receives notice of separation,” he said during the album’s press conference. Explaining further, Dong-woo said that the lyrics are about being by someone’s side even after the separation.

Unlike some of his previous releases, he selected his song as a title track because he wanted something that has a sense of calm and comfort. Notably, the singer participated in creating many of the songs on Bye, including “News,” which started quite differently. At first, Jang explains, it was a much strong song but evolved as his feelings changed.





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