Following the departure of PD Kim Tae-Ho as the show’s director, “Infinity Challenge” members consider stepping down.

Infinity Challenge
Infinity Challenge members pose on the red carpet – OSEN News

MBC’s “Infinity Challenge” may be getting a new look.

On March 5, the production team revealed they are carefully planning a make-over for the show. Once the production director (PD) Kim Tae-Ho left, the original members such as Yoo Jae-suk, Park Myeong-su, Ha Ha, and Jeong Jun-ha are reportedly discussing stepping down for a new generation to take their place.

Furthermore, the production team along with the new PD, Choi Haeng-ho, are carefully contacting various agencies to cast new members. This suggests that discussions, if not completed already, are nearing an end.

Additionally, many officials hinted that the production team is already moving to sign new members, asking about celebrities’ schedules, and plan to begin official meetings. Meanwhile, Jo Se-ho and Yang Se-hyeong, who joined the show later, will reportedly continue with the show. More, they are in talks about the new direction of the show.

MBC announced that Kim Tae-ho would be leaving as the show’s director in early February. However, while Kim will not be directing, he will continue as a creator. Moreover, MBC has not discussed is he will also join the production team of another show.

“Infinity Challenge” is a popular variety show aired every Saturday in South Korea. In its evening timeslot, the show regularly garners 13 – 17 percent of Korean viewers, making it the most viewed program during that time.


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