INFINITE’s Nam Woo-Hyun takes his first win as a soloist!

On September 11 broadcast of SBS “The Show,” Infinite member Nam Woo-Hyun took his first-ever win as a soloist. Immediately after performing his comeback stage with “If Only You are Fine,” the singer took his first trophy and thanked his co-workers and fans.

Image Source – Woolim Entertainment

Afterwards, the singer delivered the rest of his winning speech through his agency, and thanked those he didn’t get a chance to during the show.

Nam Woo-Hyun said, “every time we received a win, my members were always next to me. However, I was all by myself this time, and I think that halted me from delivering my speech properly. I want to thank you for giving me an opportunity to take one step closer into becoming a more matured person. Furthermore, I will try my best to become a better artist – an artist who sings with his heart. Thank you.”

Through this win, Nam was able to solidify his presence as not only an Infinite member, but as a soloist. Moreover, this win was especially meaningful since he had self-produced the song.

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Translated by Dasol Kim