On April 6, SidusHQ Entertainment announced that singer Im Seul-ong has been transferred to reservist duty due to health issues.

On April 6, SidusHQ reported that Im Seul-ong is suffering from a rare syndrome called ‘the twelfth rib syndrome’. Because of this disorder, the Military Manpower Administration concluded that he can no longer serve as an active soldier.

They wrote, “Im Seul-ong has always been dealing with the pain in his rib cage. In 2011, he was diagnosed with myofascial pain syndrome, internal disc disruption, facet joint syndrome, irregular chest pain, and chronic pain.” They continued, “these are the symptoms of a rare disorder called the ‘twelfth rib syndrome,’ which needs a continuous treatment. After the first diagnosis, Im Seul-ong continued to receive treatment for the last 7 years in midst of his entertainment activities and promotions.”

Furthermore, they said, “the disorder did not put a limit to physical activities. However, after he joined the military, the conditions worsened. At last, they concluded that Im Seul-ong is unfit to carry out his military duties as an active soldier.”

They concluded, “Im Seul-ong is currently waiting for a draft notice. He feels regretful that he couldn’t carry out the duties in a healthy state. However, he will try his best with the remainder of his duties.”

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Translated by Dasol Kim