iKON’s new online variety show, “iKON’s Heart Racing in Hawaii” premiered on July 4.

YG Entertainment

Presented by YG Entertainment and KT Olleh TV Mobile, “iKON’s Heart Racing in Hawaii” is a real variety show following iKON members’ trip to Hawaii.

In the first episode of the show, iKON members shared their excitement for the trip while they pack their suitcases. The teaser for the upcoming episode portrays members’ frustration, keeping fans wondering what is going to happen in Hawaii.

Recently announced their plan for a world tour, iKON is currently preparing for the shows. Starting with the Seoul concert on August 18, iKON is to visit fans in eight cities in Asia.

Comprising a total of 10 episodes, “iKON’s Heart Racing in Hawaii” will be released every Wednesday and Saturday at 6 PM KST through Olleh TV Mobile.


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