YG Entertainment’s boy group iKON is making history with their new single “Love Scenario.”

The title track off iKON’s second full album “Love Scenario” has taken the top spot on various music charts. The charts include Nave, MelOn, Genie, and Mnet have been dominated by the boy group for over 25 days straight.

Furthermore, their reign at no. 1 has remained constant despite a large number of reputable artists releasing songs. Girl group Red Velvet, Roy Kim, Momoland, Gugudan, Davichi, Seventeen, and Suzy have all failed to reach the reach the top spot. More, if they did reach the no.1 spot, they were unable to retain the position for long. On the other hand, iKON has had perfect all-kills more than once in the four weeks since their return.

However, there is something more impressive than their staying power. iKON’s position at the top marks the longest time a K-pop boy band has recorded such a feat in three years. The last boy group to do so was BIGBANG with their hit song “Loser” in 2015.

Equally impressive is the mostly equal gender distribution of their listeners, With almost 100 thousand fans on MelOn music, 40-50 percent of them are male. This is extraordinary considering the president that females are the predominant listeners of male idol’s music.

Additionally, “Love Scenario” has had an equally hot response internationally. It has received positive reviews from Billboard and Buzzfeed. This is in addition to appearing on 17 international iTunes charts.

With this being their first song of the year, they are expected to have an impressive year with considerable growth.



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