Yang Hyun-Suk has finally fulfilled his promise. Group iKon is finally having their first post-debut reality show ‘iKon TV.’

At 6 p.m. on March 11, KST, iKon announced the launching of ‘iKon TV’ at their first official fan meeting in Korea, ‘iKon 2018 PRIVATE STAGE, RE-KONNECT.’

During the fan meeting, B.I. said, “yes, it is an order from Yang Hyun-suk, but we finished our first filming of the reality show yesterday. ‘iKon TV’ is our first reality show since our debut 4 years ago, so we are very excited.”

Jin-hwan added, “we pitched in lots of ideas and directly participated in the meetings. We hope you look forward to watching our show.” As the fans heard the news, they cheered loudly and shouted “thank you, iKon” repeatedly.

‘iKon TV’ is planning launch the first episode in April. iKon will come down from the fancy stage and reveal their casual sides in the show. Because ‘iKon TV’ was one of the biggest wishes from fans, it will be a gift to remember.

In conclusion, Yang Hyun-suk has finally fulfilled all of his promises to iKonic. For music promotions, they released 2 full albums and continued the promotions with a surprise new single. In addition, iKon has been actively participating in different variety shows, had first fan meetings, and lastly announced the launch of ‘iKon TV.’ Dreams truly came true for the iKonics.

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Translated by Dasol Kim