iKon has confirmed to appear as a whole on JTBC “Idol Room”

On August 7, iKon confirmed to appear on JTBC “Idol Room,” which to air on August 28. After releasing their newest mini album “NEW KIDS: CONTINUE” on August 2, the group has chosen “Idol Room” as their first variety show to promote their song “Killing Me.

Image source – YG Entertainment

During “Love Scenario” era, iKon had appeared on “Weekly Idol,” previously run by Jung Hyung-Don and Defconn. At the time, the group showed incredible chemistry with the MC’s, which led them to do the same for “Killing Me” promotions. In “Idol Room,” they plan to find out the truth behind “Love Scenario” gaining significant amount of popularity with elementary school students during the “Fact Check” segment of the program.

Meanwhile, iKon made a second comeback in a year with “Killing Me” on August 2. With the newest album, they finally ended the “New Kids” trilogy, which started with “New Kids: Begin” album in 2017. Immediately after the release, the group gained recognition for their “dramatic return” domestically, and internationally.

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Translated by Dasol Kim