The controversial sporting competition “Idol Star Athletic Championships” also known as ISAC, is returning this September.

ISAC poster for the 2018 Lunar New Year special – MBC

On June 28, a broadcasting official told news agencies that “MBC’s special program ‘ISAC’ is being set up,” meaning that it is in the production stage. Further, according to this same official the PD behind “Infinity Challange” and “Radio Star,” Park Chang-hoon will direct the show.

ISAC is a bi-annual special that MBC created where different idol competes against each other through various sports. Usually, the specials air during the two major holidays in South Korea: Lunar New Year and Chuseok.

This year’s broadcast on Lunar New Year’s day received good reviews with a 5-6 percent viewership. Part of the improved rating comes from MBC’s decision to introduce sports such that have a low risk of injury. At the Lunar New Year special, rhythmic gymnastics and bowing were incorporated for the first time. Currently, as track and field, bowling, archery, rhythmic gymnastics, and aerobics are all said to be returning.

Although many fans lament ISAC as a result of frequent injuries and long recording times, it is also a place where new talents can be recognized. Moreover, it is one of the few times that fans can see different groups interact and use their teamwork to win competitions.

Last year, MBC was forced to cancel ISAC due to an ongoing general strike within the company.



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