Hyomin returns as a soloist for the first time in two years!

On September 12, T-ara’s Hyomin hosted a showcase for her solo comeback. The singer released a new digital single album “Mango” prior to the event, making her first solo return in two and a half years.

Hyomin greeted the press and guests by sharing a word of gratitude. She said, “thank you for coming to my showcase today, I will try my best to put on a great performance for everyone. After releasing “Nice Body” in 2014 and “Sketch” in 2016, I have finally made another comeback with my third solo album.”

When asked about her recent whereabouts, Hyomin explained she spent some time abroad. The singer said, “after promotions abroad, I took a short break. However, I had been very busy preparing for the comeback in the recent days.”

Afterwards, the soloist also explained a little bit about her newest single, “Mango.” Hyomin said, “it is a double entendre. It can mean the fruit “mango” as well as phrase, ‘Man, go.'” She continued, “in the beginning of the song, I compared myself to mango, but the latter part of the song talks about how I don’t need a man anymore, thus ‘Man, go.'”

Hyomin also answered some questions regarding her former group, T-ara. The singer said, “members were of course the first ones to say words of encouragement to me. I think they are coming to the showcase that’s happening after this one. They also did some monitoring for me and did not hold back their advice.”

When asked about who now holds the right to the label T-ara, she answered, “Everyone.”

“The name T-ara does not belong to us, and it does not belong the company. That was what we came to agree upon. It belongs to everyone. Everyone who has loved us, the members, and the agency who created us all have the right to claim the name. Thus, we decided it would be best if we did a collaboration soon, just to show that we are all on good terms now. We have resolved all misunderstandings with our former agency.”

At the end, the singer shared her personal aspirations with the comeback. Hyomin said, “of course I want to go on various promotions and meet with my fans, but my priority is to put on a great performance for you guys. I would also like to host a mini concert next year. I’m still very new to this, but I will try my best. Please continue to look after me, give me your support. Thank you.”

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Translated by Dasol Kim