Under the hot sun of Los Angeles Hyolyn partnered with Dazed Magazine Korea for a pictorial.

In a city with an energy as bright and pleasant as herself, Dazed and Confused Korea Magazine, also known as Dazed Korea, met up with Hyolyn for a photo shoot.

Dazed and Confused Korea Magazine

In the interview accompanying the photo shoot Hyolyn revealed why she’s been in Los Angeles recently. While in the “City of Angels” she has been meeting with world-famous composers and choreographers to broaden her experience as a musician. As a result, she has an extremely busy schedule.

Dazed and Confused Korea Magazine

Her experience in Los Angeles falls inline with the mission of her new company Bridge. Bridge, the brain child of Hyolyn and her creative director, is an agency created to be a hub for collaboration.

Moreover, these collaborations are restricted to just music — but expand into video, composition, choreography, and more. Furthermore, Hyolyn expects that these collaboration are domestic and international.

As the founder and flagship artist under Bridge, Hyolyn has already taken the reigns to make the company’s vision manifest. When talking about her future plans Hyolyn said, ” I definitely want to approach the public with a range of musical styles. Right now, I am creating a music style that is completely me inspired by my experiences in Los Angeles.”

Dazed and Confused Korea Magazine

You can read more about Hyolyn’s time in Los Angeles and future plans in Dazed Korea’s December issue.

Original article by Herald Pop

Translated by O.C