Singer Hwang Chi-yeol has announced his retirement as the waiting room MC of “Immortal Song.”

Hwang Chi-yeol
Image source – OSEN News

On May 7, Hwang Chi-yeol revealed that he plans to step down as the MC for the KBS2 program “Immortal Song 2.” Hwang has been the waiting room MC of the show since January 2017. Since then, he has established himself as a star possessing wit and a great sense for entertainment. However, after a year and five months, he has decided to focus on his music career.

To replace Hwang, the show’s producers announced that singer Kim Tae-woo will join the show as the MC on May 19. Kim is also an accomplished singer having debuted in 1999 with G.O.D. More, with the group, he won two consecutive awards at year-end shows and sold over a million albums. Seven years later in 2006, Kim started his solo career that emphasized his signature soulful and cool singing style.

Meanwhile, Hwang debuted as a singer in 2006 to a lukewarm response. However, due to splendid performances on “Immortal Song 2” and other music programs he has been acknowledged as a magnificent ballad singer and musician.



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