Hoya, real name Lee Ho-won, has joined the cast for the upcoming romantic comedy “Devilish Joy.”

Choi Jin-hyuk Devilish Joy
Image source – OSEN News

On May 7, Lee Ho-won’s agency announced that he will have a role in the new drama “Devilish Joy.”

This announcement comes just a few days after officials from Song Ha-yoon and Choi Jin-hyuk’s management companies also confirmed the actors’ participation. However, filming has not yet started, and no exact date has been released. Notwithstanding, drama officials have said that they do plan to begin shooting the show within this month.

“Devilish Joy,” tells the story of a genius doctor (Choi) who suffers from a “Cinderella” memory disorder. As the story progresses, the doctor meets and falls in love with actress Joo Ki-Bbeum (Song) who goes through a series of embarrassing yet romantic situations with the memory-deficient man.

One another note, this is the first big project for all three artists who stared in major dramas last year. Choi starred in the police fantasy drama “Tunnel,” while Song appeared in “Fight My Way.” Likewise, Lee Ho-won’s notably appeared in youth-focused “Radiant Office.”



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