[Hot Clip] H1GHR MUSIC Family Play “Rapper Charades” on ‘Weekly Idol’


When news of H1GHR MUSIC guesting on “Weekly Idol” first went public, many speculated what the hip-hop stars — who don’t fit the traditional idol image — would do on the show.

The May 31 episode of “Weekly Idol” marked the first time that artists from the label H1GHR MUSIC have appeared on the variety program. During the episode, the attending rappers including pH-1, Woodie GoChild, Sik-K, HAON, and Woogie all had an opportunity to perform their latest song or, in the case of HAON, freestyle.

Besides these individual performances, the guest also participated in a variety of activities, with one of the games being a kind of “rapper charades.” For the Animal Farm Speed Quiz segment Sik-k, pH-2, Woodie GoChild, and Woogie had to guess a famous K-rapper from clues acted out by HAON. Check out the clip below and see if you can tell which artists HAON is acting out. Answers are below the video.



By O.C


Answers: 1) BewhY 2) Jay Park 3) Sang-min 4) KillaGramz 5) G-Dragon 6) Woo Won-Jae