Trot Singer Hong Jin-Young Apologizes for Overzealousness on ‘Omniscient Interfering View’


Hong Jin-young took to social media to apologize for her actions.

Hong Jin-young
Image source – Instagram @sambahong

On April 14, Hong Jin-young made a guest appearance on MBC’s show “Omniscient Interfering View.” During the broadcast where the cast view clips of the guest, Hong was seen singing and dancing with staff in her company car as her manager was driving.

Whereas some found the segment entertaining, other felt that the singer overzealousness was uncomfortable. After hearing about some of the criticisms, Hong posted an apology on her Instagram account.

Hong apologized to those who felt uncomfortable watching the episode and explained that she might have overdone (make it more entertaining) it because the segment was only filmed in a car. Lastly, she ends her message writing that she will try harder in the future to do better.

You can watch a clip of the show below.


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