Highlight’s Son Dong-Woon talks about the unique acquaintance-ship he has with Triple H’s HyunA!

In the upcoming broadcast of “School Attack 2018,” Triple H and MOMOLAND appeared as 4th celebrities to attack a school in Paju, South Korea. While interviewing the two groups, Highlight’s Son Dong-Woon revealed a unique friendship he shares with Triple H’s HyunA.

During the show, MC Eun Ji-Won mentioned that one of the guests had a special connection to MC Son Dong-Woon. In response, Son said, “I’ve known this person for 13 years now. I’m 28 years old now, so it’s like I’ve know them for almost half of my life.”

Continuing the talk, Eun Ji-Won asked him if they are still in contact. To this, Son Dong-Woon drew laughters out of everyone by revealing that he actually doesn’t even have their phone number.

The person they were talking about turned out to be HyunA from Triple H. The singer responded to the talk by sharing her first impression of Son. She said, “I first met oppa in 5th grade. His good and ethical image hasn’t changed a bit.”

In response, Son said, “HyunA had and still has lots of passion regarding her career. Back then, she did not hesitate to say things on her mind to anyone. I liked that about her.”

Meanwhile, the upcoming episode of “School Attack 2018” will feature Triple H and MOMOLAND “attacking” a school in Paju. The episode will air on August 13 at 9 PM, KST, on SBS funE channel.

Image Source – SBS

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Translated by Dasol Kim