Boy group Highlight is planning to release a new album later this month.

Image source – Around Us Entertainment

Today Highlight’s agency Around Us Entertainment posted a chic teaser of the group announcing the release of special album OUTRO. According to the agency, the group’s newest record will be out on November 20.

The new album may or may not be related to the group’s anniversary. On October 29, the group celebrated the ninth year since their debut and released a digital single as a gift for fans. However, while it is currently unknown where there is a connection between the two, one this is for sure: it will be their last group album for the next two years.

After the release of OUTRO in a few weeks, the members plan to join the military. As such, they have reportedly taken extra care to prepare the album for their fans. In particular, the OUTRO includes solo song, including one pre-recorded by Yoon Doo-joon, raising expectations.

Additionally, the group will also have a concert on the 24th and 25th at the Olympic Area in Seoul.



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