On April 20, actress Han Ye-Seul revealed that she is currently dealing with negative effects from a lipoma removal surgery.

Han Ye-Seul posted a picture of the surgery scar along the caption on her Instagram. In the caption, she said, “it’s been two weeks since I received this surgery. However, there has been no talks of compensation from the hospital. While I go to receive treatment everyday, my heart is breaking. To be honest, I don’t think any form of compensation will be a consolation.”

Following the actress’s expose, her agency backed her up. KeyEast Entertainment reported to OSEN that “it is indeed a medical accident. Han Ye-Seul is currently receiving treatment to remove the scar.”

Many netizens also became angry with the hospital. Comments wrote, “how can you leave a scar like that on an actress’s arm?” Because Han Ye-Seul is a public figure who appears on TV, such a scar is very detrimental to her career. Some netizens are arguing that it may not be a medical surgery, but lack of skills from the doctor.

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Translated by Dasol Kim