Han Ji-min joins in an eco-friendly “No Plastic Challenge” campaign!

On October 8, Video Mug, a social media channel run by SBS, announced the next celebrity to participate in an eco-friendly “No Plastic Challenge” campaign that began last month. Actress Han Ji-Min has accepted the challenge from Kim Hye-Soo and decided to participate in the meaningful campaign in attempt to reduce plastic pollution.

The challenge began on September 27 with Kim Hye-Soo. The actress shared about how South Korea is putting an effort into reducing the plastic pollution by regulating the use of plastic cups at coffee shops. Moreover, the actress expressed her wish to contribute to saving the environment by declaring, “no plastic.”

Afterwards, Kim Hye-Soo named actors Jung Woo-Sung and Han Ji-Min to continue on the challenge. To this, Han Ji-Min gladly accepted. Han said, “I usually prefer to use straws made out of paper, and when I’m going out, I use tumblers instead of plastic bottles.”

She continued, “to be honest, I never gave much thought into different ways of saving the environment. With the “No Plastic Challenge,” I plan to try out new ways I could contribute to saving our planet.”

Han also briefly mentioned her friendship with Kim Hye-Soo. The actress said, “she always provides me with helpful information or societal issues. I receive such great energy through our regular meetings.”

At the end, Han Ji-Min picked actress Chae Jung-An as the next celebrity to follow up the challenge.

Image Source – SBS

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Translated by Dasol Kim